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2019Comparison of response quality and attack recognition in karate kumite between reality and virtual reality - a pilot study
Petri, Katharina; Emmermacher, Peter; Masik, Steffen; Witte, Kerstin
Journal Article
2019Possibilities to Use a Virtual Opponent for Enhancements of Reactions and Perception of Young Karate Athletes
Petri, Katharina; Masik, Steffen; Danneberg, Marco; Emmermacher, Peter; Witte, Kerstin
Journal Article
2019Training using virtual reality improves response behavior in karate kumite
Petri, Katharina; Emmermacher, Peter; Danneberg, Marco; Masik, Steffen; Eckardt, Falko; Weichelt, Susann; Bandow, Nicole; Witte, Kerstin
Journal Article
2018Development of an autonomous character in Karate Kumite
Petri, Katharina; Witte, Kerstin; Bandow, Nicole; Emmermacher, Peter; Masik, Steffen; Dannenberg, Marco; Salb, Simon; Zhang, Liang; Brunnett, Guido
Conference Paper