Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Paving the way for local and industrial 5G networks and testbeds
Corici, Marius; Emmelmann, Marc; Hauswirth, Manfred; Magedanz, Thomas
Journal Article
20185GENESIS: The genesis of a flexible 5G facility
Koumaras, Harilaos; Tsolkas, Dimitris; Gardikis, Georgios; Gomez, Pedro Merino; Frascolla, Valerio; Triantafyllopoulou, Dionysia; Emmelmann, Marc; Koumaras, Vaios; Osma, Maria L. Garcia; Munaretto, Daniel; Atxutegi, Eneko; Puga, Jara Suárez de; Alay, Ozgu; Brunstrom, Anna; Bosneag, Anne Marie Cristina
Conference Paper
2017Cross-domain identity and discovery framework for web calling services
Javed, Ibrahim Tariq; Copeland, Rebecca; Crespi, Noel; Emmelmann, Marc; Corici, Ancuta; Bouabdallah, Ahmed; Zhang, Tuo; El Jaouhari, Saad; Beierle, Felix; Göndor, Sebastian; Küpper, Axel; Corre, Kevin; Crom, Jean-Michel; Oberle, Frank; Friese, Ingo; Caldeira, Ana; Dias, Gil; Santos, Nuno; Chaves, Ricardo; Pereira, Ricardo Lopes
Journal Article
2016IoT inter-security domain trust transfer and service dispatch solution
Corici, Andreea Ancuta; Emmelmann, Marc; Luo, Jingjing; Shresta, Ranjan; Corici, Marius; Magedanz, Thomas
Conference Paper
2013Welcome message from the IEEE goSMART chairs
Itaya, S.; Kanhere, S.; Aust, S.; Alfandi, O.; Altintas, O.; Bochow, B.; Bohli, J.-M.; Boyle, D.; Chakraborty, D.; Chou, C.T.; Davis, P.; Doi, S.-I.; Emmelmann, M.; Heemstra De Groot, S.; Iwaoka, M.; Konishi, T.; Krishnaswamy, D.; Marusic, S.; Moessner, K.; Mogre, P.; Prasad, V.; Rao, V.S.; Saha, D.; Schulke, A.; Shinkuma, R.; Takai, M.; Yan, Z.; Dong, A.Y.; Headley, W.
Conference Paper
2012On the analysis of WiFi communication and WiMAX network entry over single radios
Wiethölter, S.; Emmelmann, M.; Chen, Y.; Wolisz, A.
Conference Paper
2012Performance evaluation of selection schemes for offloading traffic to IEEE 802.11 hotspots
Wiethölter, Sven; Emmelmann, Marc; Andersson, Robert; Wolisz, Adam
Conference Paper
2012The self-growing concept as a design principle of cognitive self-organization
Emmelmann, M.; Bochow, B.; Makris, A.; Kaloxylos, A.; Koudouridis, G.P.
Conference Paper
2011Enabling cognition in system of systems: The distributed self-growing architecture
Emmelmann, M.; Bochow, B.
Conference Paper
2011Purpose-driven, self-growing networks- A framework for enabling cognition in systems of systems
Bochow, B.; Emmelmann, M.
Conference Paper
2011The self-growing concept - a novel framework developed by the FP7 CONSERN project
Alonistioti, N.; Schulz, E.; Koudouridis, G.; Delaere, S.; Declerk, J.; Stamatelatos, M.; Emmelmann, M.; Chochliouros, I.P.; Mueck, M.
Conference Paper
2010Vehicular networking. Automotive applications and beyond
: Emmelmann, M.; Bochow, B.; Kellum, C.; Bochow, B.; Kellum, C.
2005ATM-based multimedia communication via NGSO-satellites
Bischl, H.; Werner, M.; Dreher, A.; Richard, L.; Lutz, E.; Bostic, J.; Brandt, H.; Todorova, P.; Krepel, F.; Emmelmann, M.
Journal Article
2004An adaptive MAC layer protocol for ATM-based LEO satellite networks
Emmelmann, M.; Bischl, H.
Conference Paper
2003An access protocol for mobile satellite users with reduced link margins and contention propability
Emmelmann, M.; Brandt, H.; Bischl, H.; Scalise, S.
Conference Paper
2002Effects of advertised receive buffer size and timer granularity on TCP performance over erroneous links in a LEO satellite network
Emmelmann, M.
Conference Paper
1999ATM-Sat, ATM-Based Mutlimedia Communication via LEO-Satellites
Bischl, H.; Bostic, J.; Werner, M.; Sood, K.; Klefenz, F.; Dreher, A.; Emmelmann, M.; Krepel, F.; Luckenbach, T.; Todorova, P.; Brandt, H.; Eckhardt, G.; Trefz, M.
1999COMED, State-of-the-art in ATM Standardisation; Resource Management Overview
Brandt, H.; Todorova, P.; Emmelmann, M.; Krepel, F.; Luckenbach, T.