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2016Effects of sublattice symmetry and frustration on ionic transport in garnet solid electrolytes
Kozinsky, B.; Akhade, S.A.; Hirel, P.; Hashibon, A.; Elsässer, C.; Mehta, P.; Logeat, A.; Eisele, U.
Journal Article
2012Activity report of the working group properties of synthetic processing of ceramic raw materials. Editorial
Fries, M.; Potthoff, A.; Eisele, U.
2006Validation of constraint-based methodology in structural integrity of ferritic steels for nuclear reactor pressure vessels
Lidbury, D.P.G.; Sherry, A.H.; Bass, B.R.; Gilles, P.; Connors, D.; Eisele, U.; Keim, E.; Keinanen, H.; Wallin, K.; Lauerova, D.; Marie, S.; Nagel, G.; Nilsson, K.; Siegele, D.; Wadier, Y.
Journal Article
2001Planning and use of condition - dependent NDT for the interaction between fracture mechanics and quantitative NDT
Schmitz, V.; Kröning, M.; Roos, E.; Blind, D.; Eisele, U.
Journal Article
1999Planung und Nutzung einer zustandsorientierten ZfP
Schmitz, V.; Kröning, M.; Roos, E.; Blind, D.; Eisele, U.
Conference Paper