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2021Combining food and energy production: Design of an agrivoltaic system applied in arable and vegetable farming in Germany
Trommsdorff, M.; Kang, J.; Reise, C.; Schindele, S.; Bopp, G.; Ehmann, A.; Weselek, A.; Högy, P.; Obergfell, T.
Journal Article
2019Agrophotovoltaic systems: Applications, challenges, and opportunities. A review
Weselek, A.; Ehmann, A.; Zikeli, S.; Lewandowski, I.; Schindele, S.; Högy, P.
Journal Article
2019Phosphates recycled from semi-liquid manure and digestate are suitable alternative fertilizers for ornamentals
Ehmann, Andrea; Bach, Inga-Mareike; Bilbao, Jennifer; Lewandowski, Iris; Müller, Torsten
Journal Article
2017Can phosphate salts recovered from manure replace conventional phosphate fertilizer?
Ehmann, Andrea; Bach, Inga-Mareike; Laopeamthong, Sukhanes; Bilbao, Jennifer; Lewandowski, Iris
Journal Article