Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2011SPIDER: A platform for managing SIP-based Spam over Internet Telephony (SPIT)
Gritzalis, D.; Marias, G.; Rebahi, Y.; Soupionis, Y.; Ehlert, S.
Journal Article
2010Blocking attacks on SIP VoIP proxies caused by external processing
Zhang, G.; Fischer-Hübner, S.; Ehlert, S.
Journal Article
2010Survey of network security systems to counter SIP-based denial-of-service attacks
Ehlert, S.; Geneiatakis, D.; Magedanz, T.
Journal Article
2009A first order logic security verification model for SIP
Geneiatakis, D.; Lambrinoudakis, C.; Kambourakis, G.; Kafkalas, A.; Ehlert, S.
Conference Paper
2009Intrusion detection system for denial-of-service flooding attacks in SIP communication networks
Ehlert, S.; Rebahi, Y.; Magedanz, T.
Journal Article
2009Revealing the calling history of SIP VoIP systems by timing attacks
Ge, Z.; Simone, F.-H.; Martucci, L.A.; Ehlert, S.
Conference Paper
2009SIP vulnerabilities for SPIT, SPIT identification criteria, anti-SPIT mechanisms evaluation framework and legal issues
Marias, G.F.; Mitrou, L.; Theoharidou, M.; Soupionis, J.; Ehlert, S.; Gritzalis, D.
Book Article
2008Increasing SIP firewall performance by ruleset size limitation
Ehlert, S.; Zhang, G.; Magedanz, T.
Conference Paper
2008Performance analysis of identity management in the session initiation protocol (SIP)
Rebahi, Y.; Pallares, J.J.; Nguyen, T.M.; Ehlert, S.; Kovacs, G.; Sisalem, D.
Conference Paper
2008Specification-based denial-of-service detection for SIP voice-over-IP networks
Ehlert, S.; Wang, C.; Magedanz, T.; Sisalem, D.
Conference Paper
2008A SPIT detection mechanism based on audio analysis
Rebahi, Y.; Ehlert, S.; Bergmann, A.
Conference Paper
2008Two layer denial of service prevention on SIP VoIP infrastructures
Ehlert, S.; Zhang, G.; Geneiatakis, D.; Kambourakis, G.; Dagiuklas, T.; Markl, J.; Sisalem, D.
Journal Article
2007Denial of service attack and prevention on SIP VoIP infrastructures using DNS flooding
Zhang, G.; Ehlert, S.; Magedanz, T.; Sisalem, D.
Conference Paper
2007VoIP defender: Highly scalable SIP-based security architecture
Fiedler, J.; Kupka, T.; Zhang, G.; Ehlert, S.; Magedanz, T.; Sisalem, D.
Conference Paper
2006Analysis and signature of skype VoIP session traffic
Ehlert, S.; Petgang, S.; Magedanz, T.; Sisalem, D.
Conference Paper
2006Analysis and signature skype VoIP session traffic
Ehlert, S.; Magedanz, T.; Petgang, S.; Sisalem, D.
Conference Paper
2006Denail of service attacks targeting a SIP VoIP infrastructure: Attack scenarios and prevention mechanisms
Sisalem, D.; Kuthan, J.; Ehlert, S.
Journal Article
2005Performance analysis of concurrent multicast / TCP traffic over lossy high delay links
Ehlert, S.; Sisalem, D.; Wolisz, A.
Conference Paper
2005VDSat: Nomadic satellite-based VoIP infrastructure
Sisalem, D.; Corici, M.; Ehlert, S.; Popescu-Zeletin, R.
Conference Paper