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2016Performance of HIPIMS deposited CrN/NbN nanostructured coatings exposed to 650 °C in pure steam environment
Hovsepian, P.E.; Ehiasarian, A.P.; Purandare, Y.P.; Biswas, B.; Pérez, F.J.; Lasanta, M.I.; De Miguel, M.T.; Illana, A.; Juez-Lorenzo, M.; Muelas, R.; Agüero, A.
Journal Article
2011Deposition rate characteristics for steady state high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HIPIMS) discharges generated with a modulated pulsed power (MPP) generator
Papa, F.; Gerdes, H.; Bandorf, R.; Ehiasarian, A.P.; Kolev, I.; Bräuer, G.; Tietema, R.; Krug, T.
Journal Article, Conference Paper