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2009Anthracene- and thiophene-containing MEH-PPE-PPVs: Synthesis and study of the effect of the aromatic ring position on the photophysical and electrochemical properties
Wild, A.; Egbe, D.A.M.; Birckner, E.; Cimrova, V.; Baumann, R.R.; Grummt, U.-W.; Schubert, U.S.
Journal Article
2009Digital Fabrication of Functional Nanostructured Layers by Inkjet Printing
Cermak, D.; Hammerschmidt, J.; Rahnfeld, C.; Jahn, S.F.; Blaudeck, T.; Egbe, D.A.M.; Willert, A.; Baumann, R.R.
Conference Paper
2008Optical Properties of Ink-Jet-Printable PPE-PPV/Semiconductor Nanocrystal Hybrid Materials
Blaudeck, T.; Jahn, S.; Egbe, D.A.M.; Baumann, R.; Borczykowski, C. von