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2018EU-CIRCLE methodological approach for assessing the resilience of the interconnected critical infrastructures of the virtual city scenario to climate change
Katopodis, Theodoros; Sfetsos, Athanasios; Varela, Vasiliki; Karozis, S.; Karavokyros, G.; Eftychidis, G.; Gkotsis, I.; Leventakis, G.; Hedel, Ralf; Koutiva, I.; Makropoulos, C.
Journal Article
2017IMPRESS: Medical location-aware decision making during emergencies
Gkotsis, I.; Eftychidis, G.; Leventakis, G.; Mountzouris, M.; Diagourtas, D.; Kostaridis, A.; Hedel, Ralf; Olunczek, Andrej; Hahmann, Stefan
Conference Paper
2017Optimal resilience planning for interconnected critical infrastructures - developments of the EU-CIRCLE project
Hedel, Ralf; Hahmann, Stefan; Brausewetter, Patrick; Sfetsos, Athanasios; Kostaridis, Antonis; Eftychidis, G.; Gkotsis, I.; Clemenceau, A.
Conference Paper