Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Time domain aliasing reduction for non-uniform filterbanks which use spectral analysis followed by partial synthesis
Edler, Bernd; Werner, Nils
2016Audio coding using overlap and kernel adaptation
Helmrich, Christian R.; Edler, Bernd
Journal Article
2016Signal-adaptive switching of overlap ratio in audio transform coding
Helmrich, Christian; Edler, Bernd
Conference Paper
2015Apparatus and method for encoding or decoding an audio signal with intelligent gap filling in the spectral domain
Bayer, Stefan; Disch, Sascha; Edler, Bernd; Geiger, Ralf; Helmrich, Christian
2015Low-complexity semi-parametric joint-stereo audio transform coding
Helmrich, Christian R.; Niedermeier, Andreas; Bayer, Stefan; Edler, Bernd
Conference Paper
2013Cheap beeps - efficient synthesis of sinusoids and sweeps in the MDCT domain
Disch, Sascha; Schubert, Benjamin; Edler, Bernd
Conference Paper
2013How much does audio quality influence ratings of overall listening experience?
Schoeffler, Michael; Edler, Bernd; Herre, Juergen
Conference Paper