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2018Development and validation of a meshless 3D material point method for simulating the micro-milling process
Leroch, S.; Eder, S.J.; Ganzenmüller, Georg; Murillo, L.J.S.; Rodriguez Ripoll, M.
Journal Article
2016Smooth particle hydrodynamics simulation of damage induced by a spherical indenter scratching a viscoplastic material
Leroch, S.; Varga, M.; Eder, S.J.; Vernes, A.; Rodriguez Ripoll, M.; Ganzenmüller, G.
Journal Article
2001Reference plate manufacturing process for the ion projection lithography pattern lock system
Letzkus, F.; Butschke, J.; Irmscher, M.; Reuter, C.; Springer, R.; Eder, S.; Loschner, H.; Eberhardt, R.; Mohaupt, M.; Ehrmann, A.; Mathuni, J.; Panzer, B.; Struck, T.
Journal Article
1997DUV resist UV II HS applied to high resolution e-beam lithography and to masked ion beam proximity and reduction printing
Brünger, W.H.; Buschbeck, H.; Cekan, E.; Eder, S.; Fedynyshyn, T.H.; Hertlein, W.G.; Hudek, P.; Kostic, I.; Loeschner, H.; Rangelow, J.W.; Torkler, M.
Conference Paper