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2010Thermal conductivity measurements on challenging samples by the 3 omega method
Jacquot, A.; Vollmer, F.; Bayer, B.; Jägle, M.; Ebling, D.G.; Böttner, H.
Journal Article
2009Influence of group IV-Te alloying on nanocomposite structure and thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3 compounds
Ebling, D.G.; Jacquot, A.; Böttner, H.; Kirste, L.; Schmidt, J.; Aguirre, M.
Journal Article
2008Entwicklung von thermoelektrischen Generatoren zur Versorgung energieautarker Sensoren
Ebling, D.G.; Jacquot, A.; Böttner, H.; Schmidt, J.; Spies, P.
Conference Paper
2007Structural and mechanical properties of spark plasma sintered n- and p-type bismuth telluride alloys
Böttner, H.; Ebling, D.G.; Jacquot, A.; König, J.; Kirste, L.; Schmidt, J.
Journal Article
2007Structure and thermoelectric properties of nanocomposite bismuth telluride prepared by melt spinning or by partially alloying with IV-VI compounds
Ebling, D.G.; Jacquot, A.; Jägle, M.; Böttner, H.; Kühn, U.; Kirste, L.
Journal Article
2007Theoretical Study of the Harman- Method for Evaluating the Thermoelectric Performance of Materials and Components at High Temperature
Jacquot, A.; Jägle, M.; König, J.; Ebling, D.G.; Böttner, H.
Electronic Publication, Conference Paper