Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2012Begleitung der Arbeitsgruppe Nachhaltige Unterrichtsgebäude
Wittstock, Bastian; Fischer, Matthias; Erhorn, Hans; Scherer, Christian; Leistner, Michael; Park, Sumee; Boer, Jan de; Essig, Natalie; Eberl, Sebastian; Herre, Eliza
2012Case studies with the DGNB certificate and the OPEN HOUSE methodology - Practical experiences and results
Essig, N.; Eberl, S.
Conference Paper
2012D.1.2.1 Assessment of methodologies, normative, standards and guidelines for sustainability of buildings at national, European and International level
Eberl, S.; Eßig, N.; Fischer, M.; Peyramale, V.
2012EU-project OPEN HOUSE: Benchmarking and mainstreaming building sustainability in the EU based on transparency and openness (open source and availability) from model to implementation
Hardziewski, R.; Wallbaum, H.; Essig, N.; Eberl, S.
Conference Paper
2012OPEN HOUSE: An online platform for a transparent and open methodology to assess the sustainability of buildings
Peyramale, V.; Eberl, S.; Essig, N.
Journal Article
2011D1.5 Baseline model and assessment methodology
Beck, T.; Eberl, S.; Eßig, N.; Peyramale, V.; Fischer, M.
2011Deutsches Bewertungssystem Nachhaltiges Bauen. Modellprojekt EXPO 2010
: Hauser, G. (Projektleiter); Eßig, N. (Projektleiter); Braun, H. (Projektleiter); Eberl, S. (Projektleiter)
2010DGNB vs. LEED: A comparative analysis
Eberl, S.
Conference Paper