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2019Monitoring and control of production processes based on key performance indicators for mechatronic systems
Wohlers, B.; Dziwok, S.; Pasic, F.; Lipsmeier, A.; Becker, M.
Journal Article
2017How to efficiently build a front-end tool for UPPAAL: A model-driven approach
Schivo, S.; Yildiz, B.M.; Ruijters, E.; Gerking, C.; Kumar, R.; Dziwok, S.; Rensink, A.; Stoelinga, M.
Conference Paper
2015Domain-specific model checking for cyber-physical systems
Gerking, C.; Schäfer, W.; Dziwok, S.; Heinzemann, C.
Conference Paper
2014Application of an intelligent network architecture on a cooperative cyber-physical system: An experience report
Pohlmann, U.; Trsek, H.; Dürkop, L.; Dziwok, S.; Oestersötebier, F.
Conference Paper
2014The mechatronicUML method: Model-driven software engineering of self-adaptive mechatronic systems
Becker, Steffen; Dziwok, Stefan; Gerking, Christopher; Heinzemann, Christian; Schäfer, Wilhelm; Meyer, Matthias; Pohlmann, Uwe
Conference Paper
2014A modelica coordination pattern library for cyber-physical systems
Pohlmann, Uwe; Dziwok, Stefan; Meyer, Matthias; Tichy, Matthias; Thiele, Sebastian
Conference Paper
2014Specifying intra-component dependencies for synthesizing component behaviors
Dziwok, S.; Goschin, S.; Becker, S.
Conference Paper
2014A tool suite for the model-driven software engineering of cyber-physical systems
Dziwok, Stefan; Gerking, Christopher; Becker, Steffen; Thiele, Sebastian; Heinzemann, Christian; Pohlmann, Uwe
Conference Paper
2012Solution patterns of software engineering for the system design of advanced mechatronic systems
Anacker, H.; Gausemeier, J.; Dumitrescu, R.; Dziwok, S.; Schäfer, W.
Conference Paper