Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Research into design-research practices
Randall, D.; Dyrks, T.; Nett, B.; Pipek, V.; Ramirez, L.; Stevens, G.; Wagner, I.; Wulf, V.
Book Article
2013A concept for support of firefighter frontline communication
Scholz, M.; Gordon, D.; Ramirez, L.; Sigg, S.; Dyrks, T.; Beigl, M.
Journal Article
2012Landmarke: An ad hoc deployable ubicomp infrastructure to support indoor navigation of firefighters
Ramirez, L.; Dyrks, T.; Gerwinski, J.; Betz, M.; Scholz, M.; Wulf, V.
Journal Article
2010A deep dive into the world of firefighters
Denef, S.; Ramirez, L.; Dyrks, T.
Conference Paper
2010Designing for high expectations
Ramirez, L.; Dyrks, T.
Conference Paper
2009Designing for firefighters - building empathy through live action role-playing
Dyrks, T.; Ramirez, L.; Denef, S.; Penkert, B.; Meyer, D.
Conference Paper
2009Letting tools talk
Denef, S.; Ramirez, L.; Dyrks, T.
Conference Paper
2009Towards human-centered support for indoor navigation
Ramirez, L.; Denef, S.; Dyrks, T.
Conference Paper
2008An empirical study of firefighting sensemaking practices to inform the design of ubicomp technology
Dyrks, T.; Denef, S.; Ramirez, L.
Conference Paper
2008Handy navigation in ever-changing spaces - an ethnographic study of firefighting practices
Denef, S.; Ramirez, L.; Dyrks, T.; Stevens, G.
Conference Paper
2008Participatory design workshops to evaluate multimodal applications
Denef, S.; Ramirez, L.; Dyrks, T.; Schwartz, T.; Al-Akkad, A.
Conference Paper
2008Supporting first responders by wearable computing solutions - the wearIT@work show case
Knackfuß, P.; Dyrks, T.; Capman, F.; Lawo, M.
Conference Paper
2007Context as a resource for diagnostic work
Ramirez, L.; Dyrks, T.; Denef, S.; Stevens, G.
2006Ethnographisch fundierte evolutionäre Produktfindung
Nett, B.; Dyrks, T.; Durissini, M.; Müller, C.
Conference Paper
2006Neither essence nor accident
Nett, B.; Dyrks, T.; Müller, C.; Durissini, M.
Conference Paper
2005Unterstützung eines interaktiven WEB-Portals durch Community-Matching
Dyrks, T.