Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Updated definition of glass-ceramics
Deubener, J.; Allix, M.; Davis, M.J.; Duran, A.; Höche, T.; Honma, T.; Komatsu, T.; Krüger, S.; Mitra, I.; Müller, R.; Nakane, S.; Pascual, M.J.; Schmelzer, J.W.P.; Zanotto, E.D.; Zhou, S.
Journal Article
2017Crystallization and optical properties of Tm3+/Yb3+-co-doped KLaF4 glass-ceramics
Pablos-Martin, A. de; Ristic, D.; Duran, A.; Ferrari, M.; Pascual, M.J.
Journal Article
2016Optical properties of transparent glass-ceramics containing Er3+-doped sodium lutetium fluoride nanocrystals
Pascual, M.J.; Garrido, C.; Duran, A.; Miguel, A.; Pascual, L.; Pablos-Martin, A. de; Fernandez, J.; Balda, R.
Journal Article
2015Crystallization and up-conversion luminescence properties of Er3+/Yb3+-doped NaYF4-based nano-glass-ceramics
Pablos-Martín, A. de; Méndez-Ramos, J.; Del-Castillo, J.; Durán, A.; Rodríguez, V.D.; Pascual, M.J.
Journal Article
2015Reporting an experience on the establishment of a quality model for systems-of-systems
Santos, D.S.; Oliveira, B.R.N.; Duran, A.; Nakagawa, E.Y.
Conference Paper
2014Analysis of the distribution of Tm3+ ions in LaF3 containing transparent glass-ceramics through X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Pablos-Martín, A. de; García, M.A.; Muñoz-Noval, A.; Castro, G.R.; Pascual, M.J.; Durán, A.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2014Transparent nano-glass-ceramic for photonic applications - distribution of RE-doping elements in the fluoride nano-crystals analysed by XAS and HR-TEM
Pablos-Martin, A. de; Pascual, M.J.; Duran, A.
Conference Paper
2013Distribution of thulium in Tm3+-doped oxyfluoride glasses and glass-ceramics
Pablos-Martin, A. de; Patzig, C.; Höche, T.; Duran, A.; Pascual, M.J.
Journal Article
2013Effect of the addition of Tm3+ on the crystallisation of LaF3 nanocrystals in oxyfluoride glasses
Pablos-Martín, A. de; Ristic, D.; Bhattacharyya, S.; Hoeche, T.; Mather, G.C; Ramírez, M.O.; Soria, S.; Righini, G.C.; Bausá, L.E.; Durán, A.; Pascual, M.J.; McKittrick, J.
Journal Article
2013KLaF4 nanocrystallisation in oxyfluoride glass-ceramics
Pablos-Martin, A. de; Munoz, F.; Mather, G.C.; Patzig, C.; Bhattacharyya, S.; Jinschek, J.R.; Höche, T.; Duran, A.; Pascual, M.J.
Journal Article
2013Spatial distribution of Thulium in Tm3+-doped oxyfluoride glasses
Pablos-Martin, A. de; Patzig, C.; Höche, T.; Durán, A.; Pascual, M.J.
Conference Paper
2012An exploratory study on the use of collaborative riding based on gamification as a support to public transportation
Vieira, V.; Fialho, A.; Martinez, V.; Brito, J.; Brito, L.; Duran, A.
Conference Paper
2012Transparent glass-ceramics
Pablos-Martín, A. de; Durán, A.; Pascual, M.J.; Soria, S.; Righini, G.C.; Ramírez, M.O.; Bausá, L.E.; Ristic, D.; Ferrari, M.; Höche, T.
Journal Article
2011Crystallization kinetics of LaF3 nanocrystals in an oxyfluoride glass
Pablos-Martin, A. de; Hemono, N.; Mather, G.C.; Bhattacharyya, S.; Höche, T.; Bornhöft, H.; Deubener, J.; Munoz, F.; Duran, A.; Pascual, M.J.
Journal Article
2011Development and industrial scale-up of ZrO2 coatings and hybrid organic-inorganic coatings used as pre-treatments before painting aluminium alloys
Andreatta, Francesco; Paussa, Luca; Lanzutti, Alex; Rosero Navarro, Nataly C.; Aparicio, Mario; Castro, Yolanda; Durán, Alicia; Ondratschek, Dieter; Fedrizzi, Lorenzo
Journal Article