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2019General Fail-Safe Emergency Stopping for Highly Automated Vehicles
Beyerer, Jürgen; Doll, J.; Duerr, F.; Flad, M.; Frey, M.; Gauterin, F.; Hohmann, S.; Knoch, E.; Kohlhaas, R.; Lauber, A.; Pistorius, F.; Roschani, Masoud; Ruf, Miriam; Sax, E.; Strasser, S.; Ziehn, Jens
2017Freeform optical design for a nonscanning corneal imaging system with a convexly curved image
Nie, YF.; Gross, H.; Zhong, Y.; Duerr, F.
Journal Article
2017Optical design of freeform mirror systems with tailored field curvatures for corneal imaging
Nie, Y.; Gross, H.; Zhong, Y.; Thienpont, H.; Duerr, F.
Conference Paper
2016Second IEEE workshop on pervasive energy services 2016 - Welcome and committees
Reinhardt, A.; Reinhardt-Christin, D.; Duerr, F.
Conference Paper
2015PerEnergy'15: First IEEE workshop on Pervasive Energy Services 2015 - Welcome and committees
Reinhardt, A.; Christin, D.; Duerr, F.
Conference Paper