Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Inside the Group: Investigating Social Structures in Player Groups and their Influence on Activity
Schiller, Michael H.; Wallner, Günter; Schinnerl, Christopher; Monte Calvo, Alexander; Pirker, Johanna; Sifa, Rafet; Drachen, Anders
Journal Article
2018Profiling in Games: Understanding Behavior from Telemetry
Sifa, Rafet; Drachen, Anders; Bauckhage, Christian
Book Article
2016Predicting retention in sandbox games with tensor factorization-based representation learning
Sifa, Rafet; Srikanth, Sridev; Drachen, Anders; Ojeda, César; Bauckhage, Christian
Conference Paper
2015Clustering game behavior data
Bauckhage, Christian; Drachen, Anders; Sifa, Rafet
Journal Article
2015Large-scale cross-game player behavior analysis on steam
Sifa, Rafet; Drachen, Anders; Bauckhage, Christian
Conference Paper
2015Predicting purchase decisions in mobile free-to-play games
Sifa, Rafet; Hadiji, Fabian; Runge, Julian; Drachen, Anders; Kersting, Kristian; Bauckhage, Christian
Conference Paper
2014A Comparison of Methods for Player Clustering via Behavioral Telemetry
Drachen, Anders; Thurau, Christian; Sifa, Rafet; Bauckhage, Christian
2012How players lose interest in playing a game: An empirical study based on distributions of total playing times
Bauckhage, Christian; Kersting, Kristian; Sifa, Rafet; Thurau, Christian; Drachen, Anders; Canossa, Alessandro
Conference Paper