Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016MEMS-mirror based trajectory resolution and precision enabled by two different piezoresistive sensor technologies
Grahmann, Jan; Dreyhaupt, André; Drabe, Christian; Schroedter, Richard; Kamenz, Jörg; Sandner, Thilo
Conference Paper
2016Scanning optical MEMS with very high frequencies
Drabe, Christian; Graßhoff, Thomas; Todt, Ulrich; Flemming, André; Sandner, Thilo; Grahmann, Jan
2015About stress in filled DRIE-trenches
Kaiser, Bert; Drabe, Christian; Graßhoff, Thomas; Conrad, Holger; Schenk, Harald; Grahmann, Jan
Journal Article
Langa, Sergiu; Drabe, Christian; Sandner, Thilo
2013Room temperature bonding for vacuum applications: Climatic and long time tests
Langa, Sergiu; Utsumi, J.; Ludewig, Thomas; Drabe, Christian
Journal Article
2013Wafer level vacuum packaging of micro-mirrors with buried wiring
Langa, Sergiu; Drabe, Christian; Herrmann, Andreas; Ludewig, Thomas; Rieck, Andreas; Flemming, André; Kaden, Christiane
2013Wafer level vacuum packaging of scanning micro-mirrors using glass-frit and anodic bonding methods
Langa, Sergiu; Drabe, Christian; Kunath, Christian; Dreyhaupt, André; Schenk, Harald
Conference Paper
2011Application specific micro scanning mirrors
Sandner, Thilo; Schenk, Harald; Drabe, Christian
Conference Paper