Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2015Comparison of passivation materials for high frequency 3D packaging application up to 110 GHz
Duan, X.; Böttcher, M.; Dobritz, S.; Dahl, D.; Schuster, C.; Ndip, I.; Lang, K.-D.
Conference Paper
2015Ultra-Thin high density capacitors for advanced packaging solutions
Seidel, K.; Böttcher, M.; Dobritz, S.; Czernohorsky, M.; Riedel, S.; Weinreich, W.
Conference Paper
20143D IC/stacked device fault isolation using 3D magnetic field imaging
Orozco, A.; Gagliolo, N.E.; Rowlett, C.; Wong, E.; Moghe, A.; Gaudestad, J.; Talanov, V.; Jeffers, A.; Torkashvan, K.; Wellstood, F.C.; Dobritz, S.; Boettcher, M.; Cawthorne, A.B.; Infante, F.
Conference Paper
2014Challenges in 3D die stacking
Grafe, Jürgen; Wahrmund, W.; Dobritz, S.; Wolf, M.J.; Lang, K.-D.
Conference Paper
2013Investigation of different methods for isolation in through silicon via for 3D integration
Sage, S.; John, P.; Dobritz, S.; Börnge, J.; Vitiello, J.; Böttcher, M.
Journal Article
2013Terahertz transceiver microprobe for chip-inspection applications using optoelectronic time-domain reflectometry
Nagel, M.; Matheisen, C.; Sawallich, S.; Dobritz, S.; Kurz, H.
Conference Paper
20123D integration - technology and test strategy
Dobritz, S.; Grafe, J.; Rudolph, C.; Böttcher, M.; Wolf, M.J.; Lang, K.-D.
Conference Paper
2006Fatigue Life Prediction and Analysis of Wafer Level Packages with SnAgCu Solder Balls
Dudek, R.; Rzepka, S.; Dobritz, S.; Döring, R.; Kreißig, K.; Wiese, S.; Michel, B.
Conference Paper