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2007Vacuum-ultraviolet optical properties of ion beam assisted fluoride coatings for free electron laser applications
Sarto, F.; Nichelatti, E.; Flori, D.; Vadrucci, M.; Santoni, A.; Pietrantoni, S.; Guenster, S.; Ristau, D.; Gatto, A.; Trovo, M.; Danailov, M.; Diviacco, B.
Journal Article
2004Surface investigation of VUV-optical components after exposure to high-energy synchrotron radiation
Guenster, S.; Blaschke, H.; Starke, K.; Ristau, D.; Danailov, M.; Diviacco, B.; Gatto, A.; Kaiser, N.; Sarto, F.; Masetti, E.
Conference Paper
2003Radiation resistance of optical materials against synchrotron radiation
Günster, S.; Blaschke, H.; Ristau, D.; Gatto, A.; Heber, J.; Kaiser, N.; Diviacco, B.; Marsi, M.; Trovo, M.; Sarto, F.; Scaglione, S.; Masetti, E.
Conference Paper
2003The UV European FEL at ELETTRA. Towards compatibility of storage ring operation for FEL and synchrotron radiation
Ninno, G. de; Trovo, M.; Danailov, M.; Marsi, M.; Karantzoulis, E.; Diviacco, B.; Walker, R.P.; Bartolini, R.; Dattoli, G.; Giannessi, L.; Mezi, L.; Couprie, M.E.; Gatto, A.; Kaiser, N.; Günster, S.; Ristau, D.
Conference Paper