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2020Compositional study on the size distribution of nickel nanocrystals in borosilicate glasses
Briese, L.C.; Selle, S.; Patzig, C.; Hu, Y.; Deubener, J.; Höche, T.
Journal Article
2020Formation of ε-Co nanocrystals in borosilicate and aluminosilicate glasses
Briese, L.C.; Selle, S.; Deubener, J.; Höche, T.
Journal Article
2020Local relative density fluctuation in the early stage of a sintered glass sphere compact determined by X-ray computed tomography
Fernandes, R.G.; Selle, S.; Wagner, T.; Menzel, M.; Bornhöft, H.; Höche, T.; Deubener, J.
Journal Article
2020Thermal expansion of ε-Co and β-Co nanocrystals in glass matrices
Briese, L.C.; Deubener, J.; Selle, S.; Höche, T.
Journal Article
2019Depth-profiling of nickel nanocrystal populations in a borosilicate glass - A combined TEM and XRM study
Briese, L.C.; Selle, S.; Patzig, C.; Deubener, J.; Höche, T.
Journal Article
2019TiO2(B) nanocrystals in Ti-doped lithium aluminosilicate glasses
Zandona, A.; Patzig, C.; Rüdinger, B.; Hochrein, O.; Deubener, J.
Journal Article
2018Updated definition of glass-ceramics
Deubener, J.; Allix, M.; Davis, M.J.; Duran, A.; Höche, T.; Honma, T.; Komatsu, T.; Krüger, S.; Mitra, I.; Müller, R.; Nakane, S.; Pascual, M.J.; Schmelzer, J.W.P.; Zanotto, E.D.; Zhou, S.
Journal Article
2011Crystallization kinetics of LaF3 nanocrystals in an oxyfluoride glass
Pablos-Martin, A. de; Hemono, N.; Mather, G.C.; Bhattacharyya, S.; Höche, T.; Bornhöft, H.; Deubener, J.; Munoz, F.; Duran, A.; Pascual, M.J.
Journal Article