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2019Achievability of the Paris Agreement targets in the EU: Demand-side reduction potentials in a carbon budget perspective
Duscha, Vicki; Denishchenkova, Alexandra; Wachsmuth, Jakob
Journal Article
2019Fairness- and cost-effectiveness-based approaches to effort-sharing under the Paris agreement
Wachsmuth, Jakob; Denishchenkova, Alexandra; Fekete, Hanna; Parra, Paola; Schaeffer, Michiel; Ancygier, Andrzej; Sferra, Fabio
2018Next level sustainable energy provision in line with people’s needs. A proposal for extending the Multi-Tier Framework for monitoring the SDG7
Boie, Inga; Steinbach, Jan; Christ, Catrice; Ashley-Belbin, Natalja; Lösch, Oliver; Denishchenkova, Alexandra; Ordonez, Jose Antonio
2017Achievability of the Paris agreements' targets in the EU - implications from a combined bottom-up modelling and budget approach
Duscha, Vicki; Denishchenkova, Alexandra; Wachsmuth, Jakob
Conference Paper