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2018Wall shear stress estimation in the aorta: Impact of wall motion, spatiotemporal resolution, and phase noise
Zimmermann, J.; Demedts, D.; Mirzaee, H.; Ewert, P.; Stern, H.; Meierhofer, C.; Menze, B.; Hennemuth, A.
Journal Article
2017Evidence-based cross validation for acoustic power transmission for a novel treatment system
Mihcin, S.; Strehlow, J.; Demedts, D.; Schwenke, M.; Levy, Y.; Melzer, A.
Journal Article
2017A focused ultrasound treatment system for moving targets (part I): generic system design and in-silico first-stage evaluation
Schwenke, M.; Strehlow, J.; Demedts, D.; Haase, S.; Barrios Romero, D.; Rothlübbers, S.; Dresky, C. von; Zidowitz, S.; Georgii, J.; Mihcin, S.; Bezzi, M.; Tanner, C.; Sat, G.; Levy, Y.; Jenne, J.; Günther, M.; Melzer, A.; Preusser, T.
Journal Article
2017Methodology on quantification of sonication duration for safe application of MR guided focused ultrasound for liver tumour ablation
Mihcin, S.; Karakitsios, I.; Le, N.; Strehlow, J.; Demedts, D.; Schwenke, M.; Haase, S.; Preusser, T.; Melzer, A.
Journal Article
2016Remote visualization techniques for medical imaging research and image-guided procedures
Kohlmann, P.; Boskamp, T.; Köhn, A.; Rieder, C.; Schenk, A.; Link, F.; Siems, U.; Barann, M.; Kuhnigk, J.-M.; Demedts, D.; Hahn, H.K.
Book Article
2014Computer assisted planning of high intensity focused ultrasound treatment of the liver
Schumann, C.; Demedts, D.; Georgii, J.; Dresky, C. von; Preusser, T.
Conference Paper
2014Web-based interactive visualization and assessment of medical images for clinical trials
Demedts, D.; Hennemuth, A.; Meine, H.; Ojdanic, D.
Conference Paper
2011Focused ultrasound - Efficient GPU simulation methods for therapy planning
Georgii, J.; Dresky, C. von; Meier, S.; Demedts, D.; Schumann, C.; Preusser, T.
Conference Paper