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2019Two genes in a pathogenicity gene cluster encoding secreted proteins are required for appressorial penetration and infection of the maize anthracnose fungus Colletotrichum graminicola
Eisermann, I.; Weihmann, F.; Krijger, J.J.; Kröling, C.; Hause, G.; Menzel, M.; Pienkny, S.; Kiesow, A.; Deising, H.B.; Wirsel, S.G.R.
Journal Article
2014Melanin is not required for turgor generation but enhances cell-wall rigidity in appressoria of the corn pathogen Colletotrichum graminicola
Ludwig, N.; Löhrer, M.; Hempel, M.; Mathea, S.; Schliebner, I.; Menzel, M.; Kiesow, A.; Schaffrath, U.; Deising, H.B.; Horbach, R.
Journal Article
2008Thin PTFE-like membranes allow characterizing germination and mechanical penetration competence of pathogenic fungi
Küster, S.; Ludwig, N.; Willers, G.; Hoffmann, J.; Deising, H.B.; Kiesow, A.
Journal Article