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2017Ammonium dinitramide/glycidyl azide polymer (ADN/GAP) composite propellants with and without metallic fuels
Gettwert, V.; Franzin, A.; Bohn, M.A.; DeLuca, L.T.; Weiser, V.
Journal Article
2016Nanometals: Synthesis and Application in Energetic Systems
Gromov, A.A.; Korotkikh, A.G.; Il'in, A.; DeLuca, L.T.; Arkhipov, V.A.; Monogarov, K.A.; Teipel, U.
Book Article
2016New energetic ingredients for solid rocket propulsion
DeLuca, L.T.; Palmucci, I.; Franzin, A.; Weiser, V.; Gettwert, V.; Wingborg, N.; Sjoblom, M.
Journal Article
2014Nanometals in energetic systems: Achievements and future
Gromov, A.; DeLuca, L.T.; Il'in, A.P.; Teipel, U.; Petrova A.; Prokopiev, D.
Journal Article
2013High-energy metal fuels for rocket propulsion
Deluca, L.T.; Maggi, F.; Dossi, S.; Weiser, V.; Franzin, A.; Gettwert, V.; Heintz, T.
Journal Article
2009Ballistic characterization of AlH3-based propellants for solid and hybrid rocket propulsion
DeLuca, L.T.; Rossettini, L.; Kappenstein, C.; Weiser, V.
Conference Paper
2007Physical and ballistic characterization of AlH3-based space propellants
DeLuca, L.T.; Galfetti, L.; Severini, F.; Rossettini, L.; Meda, L.; Marra, G.; D'Andrea, B.; Weiser, V.; Calabro, M.; Vorozhtsov, A.B.; Glazunov, A.A.; Pavlovets, G.J.
Conference Paper, Journal Article