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2020Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition of Molybdenum Oxide for Industrial Solar Cells
Gregory, G.; Luderer, C.; Ali, H.; Sakthivel, T.S.; Jurca, T.; Bivour, M.; Seal, S.; Davis, K.O.
Journal Article
2018Evaluation of Photovoltaic Module Performance Using Novel Data-driven I-V Feature Extraction and Suns-VOC Determined from Outdoor Time-Series I-V Curves
Wang, M.; Ma, X.; Huang, W.-H.; Liu, J.; Curran, A.J.; Schnabel, E.; Köhl, M.; Davis, K.O.; Brynjarsdottir, J.; Braid, J.L.; French, R.H.
Conference Paper
2017Influence of surface preparation and cleaning on the passivation of boron diffused silicon surfaces for high efficiency photovoltaics
Ali, H.; Moldovan, A.; Mack, S.; Wilson, M.; Schoenfeld, W.V.; Davis, K.O.
Journal Article
2017Transmission electron microscopy based interface analysis of the origin of the variation in surface recombination of silicon for different surface preparation methods and passivation materials
Ali, H.; Moldovan, A.; Mack, S.; Schoenfeld, W.V.; Davis, K.O.
Journal Article