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1999In-plane strain distribution in free-standing GaAs/InGaAs/GaAs single quantum well surface nanostructures on GaAs(001)
Pietsch, U.; Baumbach, T.; Darowski, N.; Forchel, A.; Wang, K.H.; Wiebach, T.; Ulyanenkov, A.
Journal Article
1999Lateral Arrangement of Self-Assembled Quantum dots in an SiGe/Si Superlattice
Bauer, G.; Darowski, N.; Holy, V.; Lübbert, D.; Pietsch, U.; Zerlauth, S.; Stangl, J.
Journal Article
1999Strain relaxation in periodic arrays of Si/SiGe quantum wires determined by coplanar high-resolution X-Ray diffraction and grazing incidence diffraction
Zhuang, Y.; Lübbert, D.; Pietsch, U.; Darowski, N.; Bauer, G.
Journal Article
1998Grazing incidence diffraction by epitaxial multilayered gratings
Baumbach, T.; Lübbert, D.; Pietsch, U.; Darowski, N.; Leprince, L.; Talneau, A.; Schneck, J.
Journal Article
1998In-plane strain and strain relaxation in laterally patterned periodic arrays of protect (Si/SiGe) quantum wires and dot arrays
Darowski, N.; Pietsch, U.; Zhuang, Y.; Zerlauth, S.; Bauer, G.; Lübbert, D.; Baumbach, T.
Journal Article
1998Structural characterisation of (GaAs) surface wire structure by triple axis (X-ray) grazing incidence diffraction
Darowski, N.; Paschke, K.; Pietsch, U.; Wang, K.; Baumbach, G.; Forchel, A.; Lübbert, D.; Baumbach, T.
Journal Article