Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Assessing the Security of OPC UA Deployments
Roepert, Linus; Dahlmanns, Markus; Fink, Ina Berenice; Pennekamp, Jan; Henze, Martin
Conference Paper
2020Easing the Conscience with OPC UA: An Internet-Wide Study on Insecure Deployments
Dahlmanns, M.; Lohmöller, J.; Fink, I.B.; Pennekamp, J.; Wehrle, K.; Henze, M.
Conference Paper
2020Privacy-Preserving Production Process Parameter Exchange
Pennekamp, J.; Buchholz, E.; Lockner, Y.; Dahlmanns, M.; Xi, T.; Fey, M.; Brecher, C.; Hopmann, C.; Wehrle, K.
Conference Paper
2019Tailoring Onion Routing to the Internet of Things: Security and Privacy in Untrusted Environments
Hiller, Jens; Pennekamp, Jan; Dahlmanns, Markus; Henze, Martin; Panchenko, Andriy; Wehrle, Klaus
Conference Paper