Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Knowledge Extraction and Applications utilizing Context Data in Knowledge Graphs
Dörpinghaus, Jens; Stefan, Andreas
Conference Paper
2019A Minimum Set-Cover Problem with several constraints
Dörpinghaus, Jens; Düing, Carsten; Weil, Vera
Conference Paper
2018Graph based discovery in biomedical information systems connecting scientific texts with structured expert knowledge
Dörpinghaus, J.; Jacobs, M.; Fluck, J.
Conference Paper
2018Improving document retrieval with a clustering based relevance feedback system
Darms, J.; Dörpinghaus, J.
Conference Paper
2018Pseudostabile Mengen in Graphen
Dörpinghaus, Jens
: Schrader, R.; Randerat, H.
2018SCAIView - A semantic search engine for biomedical research utilizing a microservice architecture
Dörpinghaus, J.; Klein, J.; Darms, J.; Madan, S.; Jacobs, M.
Conference Paper
2018SDA: Towards a novel knowledge discovery model for information systems
Jacobs, M.; Hodapp, S.; Dörpinghaus, J.
Conference Paper
2018Soft document clustering using a novel graph covering approach
Dörpinghaus, J.; Schaaf, S.; Jacobs, M.
Journal Article
2017Document clustering using a graph covering with pseudostable sets
Dörpinghaus, Jens; Schaaf, Sebastian; Fluck, Juliane; Jacobs, Marc
Conference Paper
2017Overview of BEL track: Extraction of complex relationships and their conversion to BEL
Madan, Sumit; Szostak, Justyna; Dörpinghaus, Jens; Hoeng, Julia; Fluck, Juliane
Conference Paper
2017Recent improvements of the BEL Information Extraction workFlow (BELIEF) for biomedical text mining and curation
Szostak, Justyna; Madan, Sumit; Hayes, William; Doerpinghaus, Jens; Fluck, Juliane; Talikka, Marja; Peitsch, Manuel C.; Hoeng, Julia