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2017Nondestructive testing of aeronautics composite structures using ultrawideband radars
Cristofani, E.; Friederich, F.; Vandewal, M.; Jonuscheit, J.
Book Article
2014Continuous wave terahertz inspection of glass fiber reinforced plastics with semi-automatic 3-D image processing for enhanced defect detection
Friederich, F.; Cristofani, E.; Matheis, C.; Jonuscheit, J.; Beigang, R.; Vandewal, M.
Conference Paper
2014Nondestructive testing potential evaluation of a terahertz frequency-modulated continuous-wave imager for composite materials inspection
Cristofani, Edison; Friederich, Fabian; Wohnsiedler, Sabine; Matheis, Carsten; Jonuscheit, Joachim; Vandewal, Marijke; Beigang, René
Journal Article
2014Terahertz FMCW inspection of GFRP composites: Comparison with conventional NDT techniques and enhanced defect detection capability through semi-automatic 3-D image processing
Matheis, C.; Wohnsiedler, S.; Ospald, F.; Cristofani, E.; Brook, A.; Jonuscheit, J.; Beigang, R.; Vandewal, M.
Conference Paper
2014Validation of a Novel NDT Technique with Infrared Thermography
Vega, L.; Venegas, P.; Saez Deocariz, I.; Vandewal, M.; Brook, A.; Cristofani, E.; Mounaix, P.; Guillet, J.-P.; Wohnsiedler, S.; Matheis, C.; Ospald, F.
Journal Article
2013Applicability of compressive sensing on three-dimensional terahertz imagery for in-depth object defect detection and recognition using a dedicated semisupervised image processing methodology
Brook, A.; Cristofani, E.; Becquaert, M.; Lauwens, B.; Jonuscheit, J.; Vandewal, M.
Journal Article
2013Structural health monitoring using a scanning THz system
Vandewal, M.; Cristofani, E.; Brook, A.; Vleugels, W.; Ospald, F.; Beigang, R.; Wohnsiedler, S.; Matheis, C.; Jonuscheit, J.; Guillet, J.-P.; Recur, B.; Manek-Hönninger, I.; Mounaix, P.; Venegas, P.; Lopez, I.; Martinez, R.; Sternberg, Y.
Conference Paper
20123-D radar image processing methodology for Non-Destructive Testing of aeronautics composite materials and structures
Brook, A.; Cristofani, Edison; Vandewal, Marijke; Matheis, Carsten; Jonuscheit, Joachim
Conference Paper
2012A 3D THz image processing methodology for a fully integrated, semi-automatic and near real-time operational system
Brook, A.; Cristofani, E.; Vandewal, M.; Matheis, C.; Jonuscheit, J.; Beigang, R.
Conference Paper
2012In-depth high-resolution SAR imaging using Omega-k applied to FMCW systems
Cristofani, Edison; Vandewal, Marijke; Matheis, Carsten; Jonuscheit, Joachim
Conference Paper