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2019BabyLux device: A diffuse optical system integrating diffuse correlation spectroscopy and time-resolved near-infrared spectroscopy for the neuromonitoring of the premature newborn brain
Giovannella, M.; Contini, D.; Pagliazzi, M.; Pifferi, A.; Spinelli, L.; Erdmann, R.; Donat, R.; Rocchetti, I.; Rehberger, M.; König, N.; Schmitt, R.; Torricelli, A.; Durduran, T.; Weigel, U.M.
Journal Article
2017Baseline haemodynamic and optical properties of the newborn brain and the reproducibility of the measurements: a preliminary report from the BabyLux project
Giovannella, M.; Andresen, B.; Carli, A. de; Chamizo, V.; Pagliazzi, M.; Rehberger, M.; Contini, D.; Pifferi, A.; Spinelli, L.; Donat, R.; Erdmann, R.; Fumagalli, M.; Greisen, G.; Weigel, U.M.; Durduran, T.; Torricelli, A.
Journal Article
2016The BabyLux project - an optical neuro-monitor of cerebral oxygen metabolism and blood flow for neonatology
Weigel, Udo Michael; Andresen, Björn; Chamizo, Victor; Contini, Davide; Carli, Agnese de; Donat, Roger; Durduran, Turgut; Erdmann, Rainer; Fumagalli, Monica; Giovannella, Martina; Greisen, Gorm; Hyttel-Sørensen, Simon; König, Niels; Lauritsen, Kristian; Pagliazzi, Marco; Pifferi, Antonio; Rehberger, Matthias; Rocchetti, Igancio; Röhlicke, Tino; Spinelli, Lorenzo; Wahl, Michael; Torricelli, Alessandro
Conference Paper
2015Fiber-based hybrid probe for non-invasive cerebral monitoring in neonatology
Rehberger, M.; Giovannella, M.; Pagliazzi, M.; Weigel, U.; Durduran, T.; Contini, D.; Spinelli, L.; Pifferi, A.; Torricelli, A.; Schmitt, R.
Conference Paper
2014CMOS imager with 1024 SPADs and TDCs for single-photon timing and 3-D time-of-flight
Villa, Federica; Lussana, Rudi; Bronzi, Danilo; Tisa, Simone; Tosi, Alberto; Zappa, Franco; Dalla Mora, Alberto; Contini, Davide; Durini, Daniel; Weyers, Sascha; Brockherde, Werner
Journal Article