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2021Analysis and Design of a Leading Edge with Morphing Capabilities for the Wing of a Regional Aircraft - Gapless Chord- and Camber-Increase for High-Lift Performance
Contell Asins, Conchin; Landersheim, Volker; Laveuve, Dominik; Adachi, Seiji; May, Michael; Wacker, Jens David; Decker, Julia
Journal Article
2021Bird strike resistance of a CFRP morphing leading edge
May, Michael; Arnold-Keifer, Sonja; Landersheim, Volker; Laveuve, Dominik; Contell Asins, Conchin; Imbert, Mathieu
Journal Article
2021Design of a composite nose wheel for commercial aircraft
Wacker, Jens David; Laveuve, Dominik; Contell Asins, Conchin; Büter, Andreas
Conference Paper
2021Design of a morphing leading edge as a high lift device for a regional aircraft
Contell Asins, Conchin; Landersheim, V.; Wacker, J.-D.; Adachi, S.; Arnold-Keifer, Sonja; May, Michael
Conference Paper
2018Structural health monitoring of composite aerospace structures with acoustic emission
Lehmann, Martin; Büter, Andreas; Schwarzhaupt, Oliver; Contell Asins, Conchin
Conference Paper
2016Development of a structural health and load monitoring system and its implementation into an aircraft flying demonstrator
Lilov, Mihail; Siebel, Thomas; Contell Asins, Conchin; Schwarzhaupt, Oliver; Carli, Valerio
Conference Paper