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2006Conics-based homography estimation from invariant points and pole-polar relationships
Conomis, C.
Conference Paper
2005Mixed reality displays
Pastoor, S.; Conomis, C.
Book Article
2005Mixed reality with moveable 3D see-through display and video-based object tracking
Conomis, C.; Pastoor, S.; Barré, R. de la; Röder, H.; Tietje, V.
Conference Paper
2005Natural interaction in a desktop mixed reality environment
Barré, R. de la; Pastoor, S.; Conomis, C.; Przewozny, D.; Renault, S.; Stachel, O.; Duckstein, B.; Schenke, K.
Conference Paper
2001Real-time head tracking in a multimodal interface with changes in geometry and illumination
Liu, J.; Conomis, C.; Zhu, Z.; Pastoor, S.
Conference Paper