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2018In silico prediction of DILI: extraction of histopathology data from preclinical toxicity studies of the eTOX database for new in silico models of hepatotoxicity
Sullivan, K.; Baker, N.; Cochrane, S.; Enoch, Steven J.; Ezendam, Janine; Patlewicz, G.; Roggen, Erwin L.; Settivari, R.; Sewald, Katherina
2017An Adverse Outcome Pathway for Sensitization of the Respiratory Tract by Low-Molecular-Weight Chemicals
Sullivan, K.M.; Enoch, S.J.; Ezendam, J.; Sewald, K.; Roggen, E.L.; Cochrane, S.
Journal Article
2015Constructing an adverse outcome pathway for sensitization of the respiratory tract: Network thinking meets regulatory utility
Sullivan, K.; Cochrane, S.; Enoch, S.J.; Ezendam, J.; Patlewicz, G.; Roggen, E.L.; Sewald, Katherina
2014Promises and challenges in constructing an adverse outcome pathway for chemical sensitization of the respiratory tract
Sullivan, K.; Cochrane, S.; Enoch, S.; Kimber, I.; Patlewicz, G.; Roggen, E.; Sewald, Katherina; Ezendam, J.