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2014Demo Hour
Liang, Rong-Hao; Chan, Liwei; Tseng, Hung-Yu; Kuo, Han-Chih; Huang, Da-Yuan; Yang, De-Nian; Chen, Bing-Yu; Große-Puppendahl, Tobias; Beck, Sebastian; Wilbers, Daniel; Kuijper, Arjan; Heo, Heejeong; Park, Hyungkun; Kim, Seungki; Chung, Jeeyong; Lee, Geehyuk; Lee, Woohun; Unander-Scharin, Carl; Unander-Scharin, Aasa; Höök, Kristina; Elblaus, Ludvig
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2011The National Innovation System (NIS) and the automobile industry in South Korea
Chung, Ji Y.
2003A Study on the Trace of Appropriate EcoDesign Strategies
Chung, J.; Lee, H.; Middendorf, A.; Zuber, K.H.
Conference Paper
2003A study on the trace of appropriate ecodesign strategies applying "Instep-DfE" and "IZM-EE toolbox" on a PDA
Chung, J.; Lee, H.; Middendorf, A.; Zuber, K.-H.
Conference Paper