Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Monoclonal Antibody AP3 Binds Galactomannan Antigens Displayed by the Pathogens Aspergillus flavus, A. fumigatus, and A. parasiticus
Schubert, M.; Xue, S.; Ebel, F.; Vaggelas, A.; Krylov, V.B.; Nifantiev, N.E.; Chudobova, I.; Schillberg, S.; Nölke, G.
Journal Article
2018Polyamines delay leaf maturation in low‐alkaloid tobacco varieties
Nölke, G.; Volke, D.; Chudobová, I.; Houdelet, M.; Lusso, M.; Frederick, J.; Adams, A.; Kudithipudi, C.; Warek, U.; Strickland, J.A.; Xu, D.; Schinkel, H.; Schillberg, S.
Journal Article
2018Proteomic analysis of CHO cell lines producing high and low quantities of a recombinant antibody before and after selection with methotrexate
Hausmann, R.; Chudobová, I.; Spiegel, H.; Schillberg, S.
Journal Article
2017Improvement of a fermentation process for the production of two PfAMA1-DiCo-based malaria vaccine candidates in Pichia pastoris
Kastilan, R.; Boes, A.; Spiegel, H.; Voepel, N.; Chudobova, I.; Hellwig, S.; Buyel, J.F.; Reimann, A.; Fischer, R.
Journal Article
2016Analysis of the dose-dependent stage-specific in vitro efficacy of a multi-stage malaria vaccine candidate cocktail
Boes, A.; Spiegel, H.; Kastilan, R.; Bethke, S.; Voepel, N.; Chudobova, I.; Bolscher, J.M.; Dechering, K.J.; Fendel, R.; Buyel, J.F.; Reimann, A.; Schillberg, S.; Fischer, R.
Journal Article
2015Optimization of a multi-stage, multi-subunit malaria vaccine candidate for the production in Pichia pastoris by the identification and removal of protease cleavage sites
Spiegel, H.; Schinkel, H.; Kastilan, R.; Dahm, P.; Boes, A.; Scheuermayer, M.; Chudobova, I.; Maskus, D.; Fendel, R.; Schillberg, S.; Reimann, A.; Fischer, R.
Journal Article
2013Abscisic acid and the herbicide safener cyprosulfamide cooperatively enhance abiotic stress tolerance in rice
Dashevskaya, S.; Horn, R.; Chudobova, I.; Schillberg, S.; Vélez, S.M.R.; Capell, T.; Christou, P.
Journal Article
2013Simultaneous treatment with tebuconazole and abscisic acid induces drought and salinity stress tolerance in arabidopsis thaliana by maintaining key plastid protein levels
Horn, Ruth; Chudobova, Ivana; Hänsel, Ulrike; Herwartz, Denise; Koskull-Döring, Pascal von; Schillberg, Stefan
Journal Article