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2011Effect of encapsulation modulus on the response of PV modules to mechanical stress
Mickiewicz, R.; Li, B.; Doble, D.; Christian, T.; Lloyd, J.; Stokes, A.; Voelker, C.; Winter, M.; Ketola, A.; Norris, A.; Shephard, N.
Conference Paper
2011Non-destructive measurement of the degree of cross-linking of EVA solar module encapsulation
Lloyd, J.; Christian, T.; Doble, D.; Mickiewicz, R.
Conference Paper
2011Simulation and testing of cell operating temperature in structured single and double glass modules
Li, B.; Christian, T.; Koch, M.; Muller, M.; Rodriguez, J.; Doble, D.M.J.
Conference Paper
2010Impact of structured glass on light transmission, temperature and power of PV modules
Duell, M.; Ebert, M.; Muller, M.; Li, B.; Koch, M.; Christian, T.; Perdichizzi, R.F.; Marion, B.; Kurtz, S.; Doble, D.
Conference Paper