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2020Occlusal load modelling significantly impacts the predicted tooth stress response during biting: A simulation study
Saini, Harnoor; Ackland, David; Gong, Lulu; Cheng, Leo K.; Röhrle, Oliver
Journal Article
2016La-doped ZrO2 based Back End of Line (BEoL) decoupling capacitors
Weinreich, Wenke; Seidel, Konrad; Polakowski, Patrick; Drescher, Maximilian; Gummenscheimer, A.; Nolan, M.G.; Cheng, L.; Triyoso, D.H.
2016La-doped ZrO2 based BEoL decoupling capacitors
Weinreich, W.; Seidel, K.; Polakowski, P.; Drescher, M.; Gummenscheimer, A.; Nolan, M.G.; Cheng, L.; Triyoso, D.H.
Conference Paper
2015An investigation on the shorter lifetime of pleated filter compared to flat sheet
Cheng, L.; Becker, J.; Wiegmann, A.; Kirsch, R.
Conference Paper
2014Numerical prediction of the properties of filter media and simulation of filtration processes in pleated filters
Cheng, L.; Kirsch, R.; Becker, J.; Wiegmann, A.
Conference Paper
Mammitzsch, Lars; Petasch, Uwe; Adler, Jörg; Wiegmann, Andreas; Cheng, Liping
2014Understanding the materials, electrical and reliability impact of Al-addition to ZrO2 for BEOL compatible MIM capacitors
Triyoso, D.H.; Chu, S.; Seidel, K.; Weinreich, W.; Yiang, K.-Y.; Nolan, M.G.; Brunco, D.P.; Rinderknecht, J.; Utess, D.; Kyono, C.; Miller, R.; Park, J.; Cheng, L.; Liebau, M.; Lomtscher, P.; Fox, R.
Conference Paper
2013PleatLab. A pleat scale simulation environment for filtration simulation
Cheng, L.; Kirsch, R.; Wiegmann, A.; Gervais, P.-C.; Bardin-Monnier, N.; Thomas, D.
Conference Paper
2013Simple FFT for flow computations in low porosity µCT images
Cheng, Liping; Rief, S.; Wiegmann, A.
2012Hocheffiziente keramische Filtermedien für die Rußpartikelfiltration
Petasch, U.; Mammitzsch, L.; Beckert, W.; Adler, J.; Cheng, L.; Wiegmann, A.
Conference Paper
2011GeoDict: Software - centered approach to the simulation of thin porous media and their properties
Wiegmann, Andreas; Becker, Jürgen; Cheng, Liping; Glatt, Erik; Rief, Stefan
2010Elektromobilität. Herausforderungen für Industrie und öffentliche Hand
Cheng, L.; Fritz, S.; Hahn, C.; Heß, S.; Krüger, D.-U.; Thoma, N.; Rose, H.; Rothfuss, F.
2010Filtration simulation on the nano scale - the influence of slip flow
Cheng, Liping; Wiegmann, Andreas; Rief, Stefan
2010Simulation of nano fibers and filter efficiency
Wiegmann, Andreas; Cheng, Liping; Rief, Stefan
2010Simulation of nano fibers and filtration processes
Cheng, L.; Rief, S.; Wiegmann, A.
Conference Paper
2010Werkstoffmodellierung und Werkstoffeigenschaftsberechnung auf Basis von CT-Aufnahmen
Wiegmann, A.; Becker, J.; Cheng, L.; Glatt, E.; Rief, S.; Schmidt, K.
Conference Paper
2009Design of pleated filters by computer simulations
Wiegmann, A.; Cheng, L.; Glatt, E.; Iliev, O.; Rief, S.
2008Cooperative and human aspects of software engineering (CHASE 2008)
Cheng, L.-T.; Souza, C. de; Dittrich, Y.; Hazzan, O.; John, M.; Maurer, F.; Sharp, H.; Sillito, J.; Sim, S.E.; Singer, J.; Storey, M.A.; Tessem, B.; Venolia, G.
Conference Paper
2008Simulation studies of deposition mechanisms for aerosol particles in fibrous filters including slip flow
Wiegmann, Andreas; Schmidt, Kilian; Rief, Stefan; Cheng, Liping; Latz, Arnulf
Conference Paper
2007Management and performance of virtual and execution environments in FAIN
Becker, T.; Cheng, L.; Denazis, S.; Gabrijelcic, D.; Galis, A.; Karetsos, G.; Lazanakis, A.
Conference Paper
2004Dynamic deployment and configuration of differentiated services using active networks
Suzuki, T.; Kitahara, C.; Denazis, S.; Cheng, L.; Eaves, W.; Galis, A.; Becker, T.; Gabrijelcic, D.; Lazanakis, A.; Karetsos, G.
Conference Paper
2002Electron field emission from Ar+ ion-treated thick-film carbon paste
Reynolds, G.A.M.; Cheng, L.-T.; Bouchard, R.; Shah, S.I.; Moffett, M.; Jones, H.
Journal Article
2002SNAP based resource control for active networks
Eaves, W.; Cheng, L.; Galis, A.; Becker, T.; Suzuki, T.; Denazis, S.; Kitahara, C.
Conference Paper