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2021Effect of the Carbon Source and Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) in the Induction and Maintenance of an In Vitro Callus Culture of Taraxacum officinale (L) Weber Ex F.H. Wigg
Martinez, M.E.; Jorquera, L.; Poirrier, P.; Di­az, K.; Chamy, R.
Journal Article
2020Influence of substrate concentration and bicarbonate addition on the anaerobic digestion of an inulin-rich substrate as the ending stage in a dandelion biorefinery scheme
Marti­nez, M.; Ramos, C.; Poirrier, P.; Chamy, R.
Journal Article
2018Isolation and Identification of Compounds from Bioactive Extracts of Taraxacum officinale Weber ex F. H. Wigg. (Dandelion) as a Potential Source of Antibacterial Agents
Díaz, K.; Espinoza, L.; Madrid, A.; Pizarro, L.; Chamy, R.
Journal Article
2018Kinetics and modeling of cell growth for potential anthocyanin induction in cultures of Taraxacum officinale G.H. Weber ex Wiggers (Dandelion) in vitro
Martínez, M.E.; Poirrier, P.; Prüfer, D.; Schulze Gronover, C.; Jorquera, L.; Ferrer, P.; Díaz, K.; Chamy, R.
Journal Article
2017Biogas potential of residues generated by the tomato processing industry under different substrate and inoculum conditions
Martinez, M.; Driller, L.; Chamy, R.; Schuch, W.; Nogueira, M.; Fraser, P.
Conference Paper
2016Development of dandelion "Weed" as a platform for triterpenes production
Martinez, M.; Jorquera, L.; Chamy, R.; Poirrier, P.
Journal Article
2016Microalgae growth kinetic model based on the PSII quantum yield and its utilization in the operational curves construction
Undurraga, D.; Poirrier, P.; Chamy, R.
Journal Article
2015Influence of phenylacetic acid pulses on anaerobic digestion performance and archaeal community structure in WWTP sewage sludge digesters
Cabrol, L.; Urra, J.; Rosenkranz, F.; Kroff, P.A.; Plugge, C.M.; Lesty, Y.; Chamy, R.
Journal Article
2015Taraxacum officinale and related species - an ethnopharmacological review and its potential as a commercial medicinal plant
Martinez, M.; Poirrier, P.; Chamy, R.; Prüfer, D.; Schulze-Gronover, C.; Jorquera, L.; Ruiz, G.
Journal Article
2014Evaluation of the simultaneous production of lutein and lipids using a vertical alveolar panel bioreactor for three Chlorella species
Araya, B.; Gouveia, L.; Nobre, B.; Reis, A.; Chamy, R.; Poirrier, P.
Journal Article
2013Relationship between phenol degradation efficiency and microbial community structure in an anaerobic SBR
Rosenkranz, F.; Cabrol, L.; Carballa, M.; Donoso-Bravo, A.; Cruz, L.; Ruiz-Filippi, G.; Chamy, R.; Lema, J.M.
Journal Article