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2018Isolation and Identification of Compounds from Bioactive Extracts of Taraxacum officinale Weber ex F. H. Wigg. (Dandelion) as a Potential Source of Antibacterial Agents
Díaz, K.; Espinoza, L.; Madrid, A.; Pizarro, L.; Chamy, R.
Journal Article
2018Kinetics and modeling of cell growth for potential anthocyanin induction in cultures of Taraxacum officinale G.H. Weber ex Wiggers (Dandelion) in vitro
Martínez, M.E.; Poirrier, P.; Prüfer, D.; Schulze Gronover, C.; Jorquera, L.; Ferrer, P.; Díaz, K.; Chamy, R.
Journal Article
2017Biogas potential of residues generated by the tomato processing industry under different substrate and inoculum conditions
Martinez, M.; Driller, L.; Chamy, R.; Schuch, W.; Nogueira, M.; Fraser, P.
Conference Paper
2016Development of dandelion "Weed" as a platform for triterpenes production
Martinez, M.; Jorquera, L.; Chamy, R.; Poirrier, P.
2016Microalgae growth kinetic model based on the PSII quantum yield and its utilization in the operational curves construction
Undurraga, D.; Poirrier, P.; Chamy, R.
Journal Article
2015Influence of phenylacetic acid pulses on anaerobic digestion performance and archaeal community structure in WWTP sewage sludge digesters
Cabrol, L.; Urra, J.; Rosenkranz, F.; Kroff, P.A.; Plugge, C.M.; Lesty, Y.; Chamy, R.
Journal Article
2015Taraxacum officinale and related species - an ethnopharmacological review and its potential as a commercial medicinal plant
Martinez, M.; Poirrier, P.; Chamy, R.; Prüfer, D.; Schulze-Gronover, C.; Jorquera, L.; Ruiz, G.
Journal Article
2014Evaluation of the simultaneous production of lutein and lipids using a vertical alveolar panel bioreactor for three Chlorella species
Araya, B.; Gouveia, L.; Nobre, B.; Reis, A.; Chamy, R.; Poirrier, P.
Journal Article
2013Relationship between phenol degradation efficiency and microbial community structure in an anaerobic SBR
Rosenkranz, F.; Cabrol, L.; Carballa, M.; Donoso-Bravo, A.; Cruz, L.; Ruiz-Filippi, G.; Chamy, R.; Lema, J.M.
Journal Article