Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Flexible, fast, and benchmarked vectorial model for focused laser beams
Li, Q.; Chambonneau, M.; Blothe, M.; Gross, H.; Nolte, S.
Journal Article
2021Semiconductor-metal ultrafast laser welding with relocated filaments
Chambonneau, M.; Li, Q.; Fedorov, V.Y.; Blothe, M.; Tzortzakis, S.; Nolte, S.
Conference Paper
2021Taming Ultrafast Laser Filaments for Optimized Semiconductor-Metal Welding
Chambonneau, M.; Li, Q.; Fedorov, V.Y.; Blothe, M.; Schaarschmidt, K.; Lorenz, M.; Tzortzakis, S.; Nolte, S.
Journal Article
2020In-depth optical characterization of femtosecond-written waveguides in silicon
Alberucci, A.; Alasgarzade, N.; Chambonneau, M.; Blothe, M.; Kämmer, H.; Matthäus, G.; Jisha, C.P.; Nolte, S.
Journal Article
2019Origin of Waveguiding in Ultrashort Pulse Structured Silicon
Kämmer, H.; Matthäus, G.; Lammers, K.A.; Vetter, C.; Chambonneau, M.; Nolte, S.
Journal Article
2018Inscribing diffraction gratings in bulk silicon with nanosecond laser pulses
Chambonneau, M.; Richter, D.; Nolte, S.; Grojo, D.
Journal Article