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2018Exact correction of image distortion in a filter wheel multispectral camera with focus adjustment
Zhang, C.; Celestre, R.; Rosenberger, M.; Notni, G.
Conference Paper
2018Image plane moving stage for high precision multispectral imaging
Rosenberger, M.; Celestre, R.; Notni, G.
Journal Article
2018Investigations on infrared-channel-image quality improvements for mulispectral imaging
Rosenberger, M.; Zhang, C.; Celestre, R.; Notni, G.
Conference Paper
2018Multi-Application Platform for Education & Training Purposes in Photonical Measurement Engineering & Quality Assurance with Image Processing
Dittrich, P.G.; Buch, B.; Golomoz, A.; Celestre, R.; Fütterer, R.; Votyakov, P.; Rosenberger, M.; Notni, G.
Conference Paper
2017Geometrical and spectral data stitching for combining hyperspectral imaging systems
Stark, F.; Rosenberger, M.; Dittrich, P.-G.; Celestre, R.; Hänsel, M.; Notni, G.
Journal Article