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2019Bio-interfactants as double-sided tapes forgraphene oxide
Perez, Felipe Macul; Urena, Yendry Regina Corrales; Rischka, Klaus; Cavalcanti, Welchy Leite; Noeske, Michael; Safari, Arta Anushirwan; Wei, Gang; Ciacchi, Lucio Colombi
Journal Article
2018On the use of the scanning Kelvin probe for assessing in situ the delamination of adhesively bonded joints
Andreon, Barbara Priscila; Guenther, Barbara Luiza; Cavalcanti, Welchy Leite; Plagemann, Peter; Ciacci, Lucio Colombi
2017Interfactant action of an amphiphilic polymer upon directing graphene oxide layer formation on sapphire substrates
Corrales Ureña, Yendry Regina; Cavalcanti, Welchy Leite; Soltau, Marko; Vollalobos, Karolina; Rischka, Klaus; Noeske, Paul-Ludwig Michael; Brune, Kai; Dieckhoff, Stefan
Journal Article
2015Editorial for thematic series: XIII meeting of the Brazilian Materials Research Society, Symposium A: functional hybrid interfaces - from characterization to applications
Cavalcanti, Welchy Leite
Journal Article
2014Development of an object oriented programming based software for quality assurance of structured coatings for aerospace applications
Pacheco, M.Z.; Vriesmann, D.; Cavalcanti, Welchy Leite; Brüning, Hauke; Brune, Kai; Patzelt, Gesa
2014Instantly investigating the adsorption of polymeric corrosion inhibitors on magnesium alloys by surface analysis under ambient conditions
Gonçalves, Lívia M. Garcia; Sanchez, Larissa C.; Stamboroski, Stephani; Urena, Yendry R. Corrales; Cavalcanti, Welchy Leite; Ihde, Jörg; Noeske, Michael; Soltau, Marko; Brune, Kai
Journal Article
2014Investigating dynamic interactions by multi-scale modelling: From theory to applications
Cavalcanti, Welchy Leite; Noeske, Paul-Ludwig Michael
Book Article