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2013N-type conductivity and properties of carbon-doped InN(0001) films grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Himmerlich, M.; Knübel, A.; Aidam, R.; Kirste, L.; Eisenhardt, A.; Krischok, S.; Pezoldt, J.; Schley, P.; Sakalauskas, E.; Goldhahn, R.; Félix, R.; Mánuel, J.M.; Morales, F.M.; Carvalho, D.; Ben, T.; García, R.; Koblmüller, G.
Journal Article
2006Analysis of the contribution of transport policies to the competitiveness of the EU economy and comparison with the United States
Schade, W.; Doll, C.; Maibach, M.; Peter, M.; Crespo, F.; Carvalho, D.; Caiado, G.; Conti, M.; Lilico, A.; Afraz, N.