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2016Comparative investigations of the surface damage of monocrystalline silicon wafers by scanning infrared reflection examination and raman spectroscopy
Möller, H.J.; Würzner, S.; Buchwald, R.; Herms, M.; Wagner, M.
Conference Paper
2015Determination of the impact of the wire velocity on the surface damage of diamond wire sawn silicon wafers
Würzner, S.; Falke, A.; Buchwald, R.; Möller, H.J.
Journal Article
2015Microstructural characterization of Si wafers processed by multi-wire sawing of hot pressed silicon powder based ingots
Buchwald, R.; Würzner, S.; Möller, H.J.; Ciftja, A.; Stokkan, G.; Ovrelid, E.; Ulyashin, A.
Journal Article
2015Surface damage and mechanical strength of silicon wafers
Würzner, S.; Buchwald, R.; Möller, H.J.
Journal Article
2014Analysis of the topography and the sub-surface damage of Cz- and mc-silicon wafers sawn with diamond wire
Buchwald, R.; Würzner, S.; Fröhlich, K.; Fuchs, M.; Retsch, S.; Lehmann, T.; Möller, H.J.
Conference Paper
2013Analysis of the sub-surface damage of mc- and Cz-Si wafers sawn with diamond-plated wire
Buchwald, R.; Fröhlich, K.; Würzner, S.; Lehmann, T.; Sunder, K.; Möller, H.J.
Journal Article
2011Investigation of defects in solar cells and wafers by means of magnetic measurements
Buchwald, R.; Köstner, S.; Dreckschmidt, F.; Möller, H.-J.
Conference Paper