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2020Verification of deterministic solar forecasts
Yang, D.; Alessandrini, S.; Antonanzas, J.; Antonanzas-Torres, F.; Badescu, V.; Beyer, H.G.; Blaga, R.; Boland, J.; Bright, J.M.; Coimbra, C.F.M.; David, M.; Frimane, A.; Gueymard, C.A.; Hong, T.; Kay, M.J.; Killinger, S.; Kleissl, J.; Lauret, P.; Lorenz, E.; van der Meer, D.; Paulescu, M.; Perez, R.; Perpiñán-Lamigueiro, O.; Peters, I.M.; Reikard, G.; Renné, D.; Saint-Drenan, Y.-M.; Shuai, Y.; Urraca, R.; Verbois, H.; Vignola, F.; Voyant, C.; Zhang, J.
Journal Article
2019An analytical approach for estimating the global horizontal from the global tilted irradiance
Halilovic, S.; Bright, J.M.; Herzberg, W.; Killinger, S.
Journal Article
2019Bayesian parameterisation of a regional photovoltaic model - Application to forecasting
Saint-Drenan, Y.-M.; Vogt, S.; Killinger, S.; Bright, J.M.; Fritz, R.; Potthast, R.
Journal Article
2019Corrigendum to "On the search for representative characteristics of PV systems: Data collection and analysis of PV system azimuth, tilt, capacity, yield and shading" (Solar Energy (2018) 173 (1087-1106), (10.1016/j.solener.2018.08.051))
Bright, J.M.; Killinger, S.
Journal Article
2018On the search for representative characteristics of PV systems: Data collection and analyses of PV system azimuth, tilt, capacity, yield, and shading
Killinger, S.; Lingfors, D.; Saint-Drenan, Y.-M.; Moraitis, P.; Sark, W. van; Taylor, J.; Engerer, N.A.; Bright, J.M.
Journal Article
2018Sensitivity analysis of PV power simulations for different temporal resolutions and spatial aggregation levels
Killinger, S.; Lassahn, D.; Guthke, P.; Bright, J.M.; Wille-Haussmann, B.
Conference Paper