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2019A novel high photon detection effciency silicon photomultiplier with shallow junction in 0.35 μm CMOS
D'Ascenzo, Nicola; Antonecchia, Emanuele; Brensing, Andreas; Brockherde, Werner; Dreiner, Stefan; Ewering, Johannes; Kuhn, Marvin; Schmidt, Andrei; Stein, Peter vom; Wang, Weidong; Zhou, Zhenliang; Xie, Qingguo
Journal Article
2013Comparison of different conductive fillers in silicone for the purpose of replacing metallic conductive structures in flexible implants
Brensing, A.; Hauck, S.; Ruff, R.; Poppendieck, W.; Hoffmann, K.-P.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
1999Transport parameters of 2D systems derived from microwave transmission experiments
Brensing, A.; Bauhofer, W.; Köhler, K.
Conference Paper