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2020Development of an Electrochemical Microsensor for Monitoring Biomarkers in Sweat for Healthcare Applications
Korek, Eva-Maria
: Boudaden, Jamila
Master Thesis
2020Review - Energy Autonomous Wearable Sensors for Smart Healthcare: A Review
Dahiya, A.S.; Thireau, J.; Boudaden, J.; Lal, S.; Gulzar, U.; Zhang, Y.; Gil, T.; Azemard, N.; Ramm, P.; Kiessling, T.; O'Murchu, C.; Sebelius, F.; Tilly, J.; Glynn, C.; Geary, S.; O'Dwyer, C.; Razeeb, K.M.; Lacampagne, A.; Charlot, B.; Todri-Sanial, A.
Journal Article
2019Towards low cost and low temperature capacitive CO2 sensors based on amine functionalized silica nanoparticles
Boudaden, J.; Klumpp, A.; Endres, H.-E.; Eisele, I.
Journal Article
2018An approach to reduce greenhouse gases in the semiconductor industry using F2 dissociated in plasma for CVD chamber cleaning
Boudaden, Jamila; Altmannshofer, Stephan; Wieland, Robert; Pittroff, Michael; Eisele, Ignaz
Journal Article
2018Deposition of micro crystalline silicon films using microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Altmannshofer, Stephan; Miller, Bastian; Holleitner, Alexander W.; Boudaden, Jamila; Eisele, Ignaz; Kutter, Christoph
Journal Article
2018Enzymatic sensor based on dye sensitized TiO2 electrode for detection of catechol in water
Klumpp, Armin; Adrovic, Asmir; Boudaden, Jamila
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018Method to study water diffusion into polymers
Boudaden, Jamila; Steinmaßl, Matthias; Endres, Hanns-Erik; Müller-Buschbaum, Peter
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018Polyimide-based capacitive humidity sensor
Boudaden, Jamila; Steinmaßl, Matthias; Endres, Hanns-Erik; Drost, Andreas; Eisele, Ignaz; Kutter, Christoph; Müller-Buschbaum, Peter
Journal Article
2018Smart monitoring system for air quality control with capacitive sensors
Steinmaßl, Matthias; Boudaden, Jamila; Endres, Hanns-Erik; Eisele, Ignaz; Kutter, Christoph; Müller-Buschbaum, Peter
Conference Paper
2017Capacitive CO2 sensor
Boudaden, Jamila; Klumpp, Armin; Endres, Hanns-Erik; Eisele, Ignaz
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2017Microwave plasma assisted process for cleaning and deposition in future semiconductor technology
Altmannshofer, S.; Boudaden, J.; Wieland, R.; Eisele, I.; Kutter, C.
Conference Paper
2017Photoelectrochemical nitrate sensor utilizing Cu/Pd nanoparticles on TiO2-nanoparticles carrier: Combination of catalytic and photocatalytic mechanism
Siris, R.; Boudaden, J.; Klumpp, A.
Conference Paper
2017Smart HVAC sensors for smart energy
Boudaden, J.; Wenninger, F.; Klumpp, A.; Eisele, I.; Kutter, C.
Conference Paper
2016Environmental-friendly fluorine mixture for CVD cleaning processes to replace C2F6, CF4 and NF3
Wieland, R.; Pittroff, M.; Boudaden, J.; Altmannshofer, S.; Kutter, C.
Conference Paper
2016Smart capacitive CO2 sensor
Boudaden, Jamila; Klumpp, Armin; Eisele, Ignaz; Kutter, Christoph
Conference Paper
2001Electrical-properties of multicrystalline silicon produced by electromagnetic casting process - degradation and improvement
Boudaden, J.; Loghmarti, M.; Ballutaud, D.; Riviere, A.; Ludemann, R.; Slaoui, A.; Müller, J.C.
Journal Article