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2012Implantation-induced structural defects in highly activated USJs: Boron precipitation and trapping in pre-amorphised silicon
Cristiano, F.; Essa, Z.; Qiu, Y.; Spiegel, Y.; Torregrosa, F.; Duchaine, J.; Boulenc, P.; Tavernier, C.; Cojocaru, O.; Blavette, D.; Mangelinck, D.; Fazzini, P.F.; Quillec, M.; Bazizi, M.; Hackenberg, M.; Boninelli, S.
Conference Paper
2005Advanced activation of ultra-shallow junctions using flash-assisted RTP
Lerch, W.; Paul, S.; Niess, J.; McCoy, S.; Selinger, T.; Gelpey, J.; Cristiano, F.; Severac, F.; Gavelle, M.; Boninelli, S.; Pichler, P.; Bolze, D.
Conference Paper