Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Does the anterolateral ligament protect the anterior cruciate ligament in the most common injury mechanisms? A human knee model study
Blanke, Fabian; Boljen, Matthias; Lutter, Christoph; Oehler, Nicola; Tischer, Thomas; Vogt, Stephan
Journal Article
2020Computational study on extra-articular knee structures preventing the anterior cruciate ligament from re-rupturing using the GHBMC M50-PS
Boljen, Matthias; Blanke, F.
Conference Paper
2020How to combine 3D textile modeling with latest FE human body models
Klein, Hartmut; Jenerowicz, Marcin; Trube, Niclas; Boljen, Matthias
Conference Paper
2020A numerical study on pedestrian and wheelchair user safety in VRU-vehicle collisions
Trube, Niclas; Matt, Patrick; Boljen, Matthias
Conference Paper
2018Characterization and modeling of airbag fabrics subjected to asymmetric biaxial loading and elevated temperatures
Boljen, Matthias; Rack, Nils Alexander; Kölble, Florian; Rodinger, Silvia; Harwick, Wilfried
Conference Paper
2018Finite element modelling of complex movements during self-sealing of ring incisions in leaves of Delosperma cooperi
Klein, Hartmut; Hesse, Linnea; Boljen, Matthias; Kampowski, Tim; Butschek, Irina; Speck, Thomas; Speck, Olga
Journal Article
2014Ein kontinuumsmechanisches Materialmodell für das Verformungs- und Schädigungsverhalten textiler Gewebestrukturen bei dynamischen Lasten
Boljen, Matthias
: Thoma, Klaus; Hiermaier, Stefan